Sunday, 21 May 2017

Happy Birthday Mohanlal

Happy Birthday Mohanlal

Mohanlal is the secret pride of people of Kerala. Here is an attempt to revisit 10 times when Mohanlal made us leave our parotta and beef fry and stare at him in disbelief. These scenes might be unconventional and might not be the ones that are usually described to showcase his brilliance J.

1.      Devasuram: The scene where he requests Revati to return to dancing post his return from near-death altercation.

2.      Pingami: The scene between him and Oduvil Unnikrishnan where he says he missed his parents.

3.      Kireedam: The scene where he reads out Ramayana to Kaviyoor Ponnamma.

4.      Vanaprastham: The scene where Suhasini tells him that she fell for Arjuna and not for him.

5.       Bharatham: The scene where he faces Lakshmi and tells her that her husband, his elder brother is no more.

6.      Pavithram: The scene where he loses his mind after he causes and accident that harms his little sister.

7.      Guru: The scene where talks to the blind King about vision

8.      Manichithra thaazhu: The scene where he talks to Shobhana and he realizes that she is the patient.

9.      Araam thampuran: The scene where he talks about his father.

10.  Mayamayooram: The scene where the character from the village faces Revathi

p.s. There are 1000 more such scenes that I could talk about. This really is a drop from the ocean of his mighty talent. Here is wishing Mohanlal a very happy birthday J