Monday, 24 July 2017

Alternate endings # 1 ~ Vandanam


There are many Malayalam movies which are close to our hearts. However, we wish if only the ending could have been different. ‘Alternate endings’ is an effort to imagine just that – what if those movies had different endings.

 Unnikrishnan (Mohanlal) and Gaadha (Girija Shettar) separated different ways at the traffic signal. They continued living their lives. She was fed up of the advertising job and put her heart and soul in to studying and prepared for a bank exam. Her first posting was in a Bank of Baroda branch in Hyderabad. One day, she got a loan application. She was going through it and came, the applicant. He was applying for his home loan. Upon seeing him after so long, she was overjoyed. She could see the happiness in his eyes too.  “On whose name will the house be? Yours or in the name of someone close to you or someone you trust?”, she asked expectantly. “I am registering the house in my name itself till I find someone I can trust”, he told her.  She let out a sigh unknowingly. Both of them laughed their hearts out. 

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  1. I expected a better note from you... With your calibre, you could have come up with something much better... That's my honest review on the content.

    Now to the blog topic. Actually, this was my thoughts for a, you don't know how long, time after seeing this movie and and as recent as whenever something about this movie is talked and... What if Gaadha had met unni, after the traffic light.... What if unni had broken into the house earlier than wasting time searching for the keys... What if Gaadha had tried on the phone once more...

    1. Thank you so much Ikka for reading the blog :). Shall try and write better next time. And yes, it is a movie so close to all of us :)